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Why You Should Connect With a College Recruiter

University recruiters are a valuable resource for high school students who are trying to decide where to go to college. They’re the link between you, the student, and the universities you’re considering. Their job is to make sure students are aware of the university they recruit for and help you decide if their university is right for you. They can help you in so many ways throughout your college admissions process; here are just a few!

Connect With a Recruiter


They Know Things: University recruiters have extensive knowledge about their university, including majors, admissions requirements, campus life, student organizations, etc. They are here to answer your questions, and if they don’t know the answer, they’ll know where to find the answer.

They Meet With You: A university recruiter isn’t just a faceless person on the phone or behind the computer screen. They regularly visit high schools to meet face-to-face with students and share why their university might be an ideal fit for students like you. After your initial meeting with them, they typically keep in touch until you’ve made your decision.

They Attend Events: College fairs are prime spots for recruiters because they get to meet with many students all at once. Make sure you visit college fairs or similar events  in your area.

They’ve Been There, Done That: Often university recruiters will go into this career because they had such a positive experience at their university or college and want to help other students find their way. Recruiters have been through the college selection and application process themselves, and they know how stressful (and super exciting) it can be.

The next time you hear about a college fair or university outreach at your high school, stop by. You never know what connections you’ll make, and recruiters are here to help you!


Connect With a Recruiter

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