Criminal Justice

4 Things to Know About Majoring in Criminal Justice

With the popularity of “true crime” shows like “Law and Order” and “The Making of a Murderer,” Criminal Justice is booming as a major at universities all around the country. This boom is actually called “the CSI effect.” To be sure it’s the right one for you, check out these tips for getting ready to declare Criminal Justice as your major.


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Know what Criminal Justice is, and what it’s not.

Criminal justice is the field of study of what happens to people after they commit crimes. Corrections, the justice system, and punitive measures are all things you will study. Criminology, which is the study of the factors that contribute to people committing crimes, is a closely related field. If you’re fascinated with serial killers and the study of why people commit crimes, psychology would be another major that may interest you.

Who works in Criminal Justice?

Law enforcement officials such as investigators/detectives, corrections officers, forensic scientists and technologists, FBI agents, lawyers, and judges all may have backgrounds in criminal justice.

What classes would I take at USA as a Criminal Justice major?

Criminal Justice at USA is a four-year, Bachelor of Arts degree. After you complete your general education course you’ll take courses in United States Government, Police Functions, Judicial Process, Corrections, and more, plus 18 hours of criminal justice electives.

What graduate degrees can I pursue with a BA in Criminal Justice?

Many criminal justice undergraduates go on to law school to become attorneys and judges. Still others pursue doctorate degrees in psychology and of course, advanced degrees in criminal justice and/or criminology.

A degree in Criminal Justice can open up a lot of fascinating career opportunities. A minor in chemistry or forensic science is a nice compliment to a Criminal Justice degree. If this is a degree you’re interested in, reach out to an advisor or schedule a campus tour!

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