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5 Things that Lead to Job Placement After College

That perfect entry-level job out of college can sometimes seem like an elusive dream, but it doesn’t have to be. Read on for these five ways you can make sure you’re in a great place to score an amazing job when you graduate from USA.

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General Education Courses

If you are majoring in business, you may wonder why you need to take courses in other disciplines like literature, social or behavioral science, psychology, drama, speech, and art. These seemingly unrelated courses to your major, also known as Gen Eds, are the “backbone” of your education. In fact, employers state that the skills they look for the most in job applicants are things like communication, critical thinking, and problem solving skills--ones that are mastered early on in your career here at South.


Career Center/Focus 2

Here at South, we have a Career Center to help you explore your interests, network with potential employers, and prepare for the time when you need to shine (like an interview for your dream job). At the Career Center, counselors can give you access to assessments like the FOCUS2, which identifies possible career paths based on your skills, interests, and desired lifestyle. We also have Handshake, a cutting-edge program that makes the job searching process straightforward for students. The Career Center also holds a job fair every semester--a fantastic opportunity to network or even interview for a job.


Study Abroad

More students are choosing to study abroad now than ever, and employers are paying attention. USA offers programs in Spain, England, Brazil, Costa Rica, and many more fascinating countries. While attending school halfway across the world, students gain a valuable global perspective, which is very attractive to potential employers, especially in fields like healthcare, business, and political science. The best part? There are numerous scholarships to apply for, and you can even use your financial aid!



Have you ever heard the expression, “it’s who you know” when talking about being hired for a job? It’s true--many job vacancies are filled through word-of-mouth. Increase your chances of securing an interview by getting to know your professors, joining student and community organizations related to your field, and volunteering. You never know where it could take you.

Internships/Job Shadowing

Starting in your sophomore year, explore internship and co-op opportunities in your field. Talk with your department and the Career Services Center on campus to learn about what is available. These opportunities can be paid or unpaid, and you may earn academic credit. You’ll gain valuable experience for your résumé. You could even end up being hired for a full-time position, so take it seriously and put your best foot forward.

That ideal job straight after graduation doesn’t have to be a dream. Make the most of your experience and the resources available to you at South, and it could be a reality.


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