5 Careers You Can Pursue With A Computer Science Degree

Are you a potential computer science major and wondering what you can do with your degree after you graduate? There are hundreds of computer science careers out there; which one is right for you?


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Web Developer

Web developers use scripting languages to build websites. They can be freelance or in-house for various companies. Developers write, design and edit webpage code and work with the rest of their teams to troubleshoot and correct bugs or flaws.

Software Engineer

Software engineers design and launch software products for their companies. Often they will maintain operating and networking systems, mobile/web applications, games, and connected devices. As a software engineer, you may even need to develop a new software product from scratch.

Application Developer

Have you always wanted to develop your own app? A career as an application developer may be a great fit for you. Like web developers, app developers use code to develop web and mobile software to client specifications. Testing and debugging is also a common task.

IT Supervisor

Every company that has computers for employees has an IT (Information Technology) team, and an IT Supervisor will manage that team. From fixing crashed servers and devices to setting up employee email accounts, the IT Supervisor will oversee all information technology operations.

Computer Programmer

Computer programmers write and test code for computer applications. Programmers may work closely with engineers and software developers to update, expand, or translate their designs into code.  Like many other computer science jobs, programmers will troubleshoot and debug code, if needed.

Which line of work appeals to you? Perhaps you’d like to work on developing the next “it” app, or program the latest hot video game? The choice is yours!


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