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5 Ways to Make College More Affordable [Infographic]

How to make college more affordable is top of mind for every college-bound student and parent, and for good reason. College is an investment that has to be planned around personal income, help from family, and financial aid. It’s a lot to think about!

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  • Shop at stores that offer a student discount. Many businesses, especially those near college campuses, offer discounts to college students. With a student ID you get can discounts at sporting events, retail establishments, restaurants and auto repair shops.
  • Discover what’s available to you at the Federal Student Aid Site. This site offers a variety of options to help students pay for higher education. Check out their website or talk to a guidance counselor to find out what is available to you. Options include:
      • Work Study
      • Student Loans
      • Grants
  • Make a budget and stick to it. Budgeting is the best way to keep your spending in check and know where your money goes. Tactics that have worked for students include writing down monthly income and expenses, breaking the budget into key categories, and setting a limit for each type of expense..
  • Consider your potential college’s local cost of living. Some cities are more expensive to live in than others, which makes a big impact on how far your budget can stretch. When looking at colleges, inquire about expenses beyond tuition — things like housing costs, transportation, parking and average grocery costs.


With a little planning, you can make paying for college easier. Be sure to take advantage of all the resources available to you in your guidance counselor’s office, at the colleges you’re considering, and online. You’ll be surprised by how much you can save!


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