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5 Questions Engineering Students from Atlanta Should Ask

There are many great colleges and universities for engineering majors. Which one is right for you? The questions below can help you choose!

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1. What are the available specializations? If you’re unsure about the type of engineering you’d like to pursue, a school with more majors to choose from may be better for you. For example, the University of South Alabama offers five Bachelor’s in Science degrees in Engineering: Chemical, Computer, Electrical, Civil, and Mechanical (with concentrations in Biomedical and Aerospace Engineering). Educate yourself on what majors are available in case you need to change course in order to reach your career goals.  

2. What kind of hands-on experience can I get? Hands-on experience, like the kind you’d get during a co-op or internship, is a critical credential for engineering majors to have on their resumes. Look into the availability of internship programs at firms in the area, or for partnerships between specific engineering companies and the university. USA collaborates with many engineering firms throughout the Mobile region to provide opportunities for its students.

3. What kinds of career opportunities are available after graduation? The end goal of an engineering degree is almost always to land a great engineering job. It’s important to look ahead to the future job opportunities in the area. Mobile, Alabama, is home to several reputable engineering firms such as Hargrove, Thompson, Volkert, and more.


4. How long will it take me to complete my degree? When evaluating cost of a program, consider how many engineering students graduate within four years. The amount of time it takes to finish a degree varies from college to college, and can also depend on the requirements of your specific engineering major.


5. What is the area like? Even though you’re at school to learn, it’s important to have activities you enjoy outside of class. If you love to kayak or go to the beach, for example, you may want to consider a university near the water, such as USA.


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