5 Things Education Majors Can Do Besides Teach

Majoring in education doesn’t always mean a career in the classroom. There are many interesting careers available to those with an education degree that don’t relate directly to teaching. Plenty of people enjoy working with youth (or are fascinated by the learning process), but don’t desire to have their own classroom setting. If this sounds like you, check out the following careers.


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Museum Outreach Coordinator

Museums often have programs that invite school-age children to come see the exhibits on field trips. An Outreach Coordinator will organize such trips and act as a tour guide for the student groups. Often this person is the liaison between the museum curator and the community, and will plan exhibit openings and other events open to members and the public.

Athletics or Admissions Counselor

In a university setting, there are multiple counselor roles that need to be filled by quality personnel, for example athletics and admissions counselors. Athletics counselors are responsible for assisting student-athletes in keeping on top of their schoolwork while also fulfilling their athletic obligations. Admissions counselors serve as recruiters for universities and may spend much of their time traveling to high school and college fairs.

Camp Director

If the outdoors is your passion, a career in outdoor recreation may be for you. Every summer, working parents need to to ensure their children are safe and happy over their break: enter summer camps! Camp directors will oversee all the operations of the camp. It’s a lot of responsibility but also a ton of fun.

Guidance Counselor

If you count educational psychology and/or child development among your interests, a guidance counselor position at a K-12 school may be the career for you. Guidance counselors help students with college selection and applications, work with students who are going through academic or domestic difficulties, administer testing and develop educational plans for students with disabilities.

Instructional Designer

Are you fascinated with the idea of creating effective lesson plans and assessments? Instructional Design may be an ideal field for you. Instructional designers develop and/or redesign courses and curricula to be more effective and efficient, as well as create manuals and student guides.

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