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Five Things to Consider when Applying to College

Choosing a college is a major decision (pun intended), but educating yourself on what you should look for in an institution makes the choice much easier. There are several things to consider when selecting a college, such as size of school, variety of majors/areas of study, and more.


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If you’ve grown up since kindergarten with a class of forty, a large university might be overwhelming. On the other hand, if you went to a school of 2000 students, you may feel stifled at a college of the same size. Consider what you want in terms of physical campus size, as well.  

Major Selection

Explore the majors each university offers, even if you’re not sure what major you want to select. If you have an idea of the field you’d like to pursue (engineering, humanities, sciences, or healthcare), it helps to examine the variety of majors offered in that area.


College is for expanding horizons, but it’s always important to take your own personality and habits into consideration. Do you despise cold weather? You may want to rule out colleges in the Midwest and Northeast. Are you planning on studying marine biology? A coastal institution might provide the best opportunities for your field.


Between tuition, housing, books, and general living expenses, college isn’t cheap. Fortunately, there are many scholarship and financial aid resources available. Make sure to take a look at the list of scholarships offered.

Student Services

One thing that students don’t often consider are what’s available to them in terms of support. Counseling services, academic advising, and academic tutoring are all things that are usually included in tuition.


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