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Read This Before Choosing a Major

When applying to college, choosing a major is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. After all, your major can determine which school you end up choosing. Thoroughly exploring both your interests and what your prospective colleges offer will be key to choosing the right major.


Campus Tour (Student)

Here is what you’ll need to do before choosing a major:

  1. Take a campus tour
  2. Research career prospects
  3. Find out how to change majors
  4. Find out if your can take a few courses and declare a major later

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  • Take a campus tour. Campus tours play a big role in your decision about which college to attend. They’re also the most fun part of the college admissions process! You’ll learn decision-making information that may not be available online. While on campus, you’ll learn more about the majors in which you’re interested and possibly talk to students or professors.
  • Research career prospects. Make a list of the majors in which you’re interested and what career you’d like them to lead to. Conduct online research or talk to a guidance counselor about what you’ll need to do academically to land a job in your ideal field. A college’s Career Services department will be able to help as well.
  • Find out how you can change majors. According to the Department of Education, approximately one-third of all college students change majors at some point. If you’re on the fence about your major or even what you’d like your career to be, it’s important to choose a college where students can easily change majors and understand the process.
  • Find out if you can take a few courses and declare a major later. Being unsure of your major in is not uncommon. In fact, some students don’t declare a major until they’re into their sophomore year. Many students declare their major as undecided or exploratory, which allows them to take general education courses required of all students. Talk to your academic advisor about your general interests. They can suggest a few courses to help you explore your interests. Ultimately this will help you choose a major.

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