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Get the Most Out of Your Campus Tours

Campus tours play a big role in your decision about which university to attend. They’re also the most fun part of the college admissions process!

Each campus tour is important. Going into your tours prepared will help you get the most out of each visit and will ultimately aid you in making a the best decision. 

Here's how you can make the most of every campus tour:

  • Research each university
  • Plan what you want to see
  • Visit while campus is active
  • Take notes


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Make sure to research each university beforehand. Get a basic understanding of housing, academics, and on-campus activities. This will prepare you to take in additional information during the tour that may not be available on the university’s website.


While researching, pick places of interest on each campus that you want to visit while you’re there. A tour will cover many of the high-points on campus, but if you haven’t planned ahead, you may miss out on places of special interest to you. 


Schedule your campus tour at a time when campus activities are in full swing. Fall and spring are typically the best times to take a campus tour because campus is very active. Visiting campus during fall and spring may also give you the opportunity to observe student activities that you're interested in joining.


During and after each tour, take notes on your phone or in a notebook about the university you just visited. Take notes on what you liked, didn’t like, and anything you need to follow up on. After a few campus tours, the details may start to run together. Reviewing notes can help jog your memory when weighing the pros and cons of each university you’re considering.


Campus tours are the best way to gauge whether or not a university is for you. You’ll meet actual students, see the places you’ve read about, and learn decision-making information that may not be available online. You’ll be spending the next four years at the university you choose. Going into each visit with a game plan is a sure way to get the most out of each campus tour!


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