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What to Expect At Orientation

In the summer, most college-bound students have either just completed orientation or are getting ready for it. Orientation is your first taste of college, and it’s jam-packed with a lot of information and fun. Many universities allow your parents to attend orientation with you, but you will typically be separated, so orientation is the first independent thing you will do as a college student. Check out these things to expect when you attend your college orientation.

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You may be nervous, and that’s okay.

Starting anything new can be a nerve-wracking experience, but it’s important that you keep an open mind. College will open so many doors for you, and it’s really an exciting time in your life. Enjoy it!

You’ll take your ID photo.

As a college student, your ID is as important as your driver’s license. At orientation, you’ll take your photo (although some schools will allow you to submit a photo of your own), and you’ll use that ID for meals, athletics tickets, entrance into your residence hall, and more. It also can be used for discounts at many area restaurants and attractions. Don’t lose it!

You’ll get a ton of information.

Orientation will be jam-packed with lots of information about the school, your major, your first-semester schedule, what to expect during the next four years, and everything else in between. Take notes and pay attention!

You’ll make your schedule.

Perhaps one of the most important things you’ll do at orientation is register for classes for your first semester. You won’t have to do this alone. You’ll have advisors to help you make sure you select the right classes for your general education requirements and your major. Then, all you have to do is enjoy the rest of your summer and come to campus ready to start the rest of your life!


You’ll make friends.

The great thing about orientation is no matter how nervous everyone is, you’re all in the same situation. You’ll instantly meet dozens of people with similar interests and goals, and friendships spring up literally overnight.


Well, there you have it. There’s a lot to be done during orientation to college, from socializing to course selection, and it’s all essential to the transition from high school to the rest of your life.


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