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How to Graduate from USA in Four Years

With all the requirements that your prospective major may have, graduating in four years may seem daunting, especially for a student who works part-time.

Graduating in four years takes careful planning, time management, hard work and a good support system. Fortunately, the University of South Alabama has resources to help freshmen along the way.

If your goal is to graduate in four years you should:

  1. Work with your academic advisor. 
  2. Engage with a tutor.
  3. Take advantage of peer mentors.
  4. Get involved in student organizations


To get more details on how these resources can help you graduate in four years, keep reading!


An academic advisor will be every freshman’s best resource for planning and achieving a degree in four years. You and your academic advisor can review the course requirements for your major and map out for each academic year.  Your advisor knows which courses have a heavier workload, which courses have limited availability, and what prerequisites are needed. Students who meet regularly with their academic advisor can "plan for four" and organize courses to graduate on-time in four years. 


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Academics at the collegiate level are challenging, and finding a peer mentor is a great way for you to develop successful study habits. USA Student Academic Success offers several ways to get academic help from advisors and your fellow students.


JagSuccess is committed to providing resources that students need to be academically successful. All JagSuccess services (tutoring, mentoring, workshops and academic coaching) are free and open to all enrolled undergraduates at the University.                  


Another option worth considering is getting involved in a student organization or intramural team. Many freshmen find that joining a student organization provides them with a support system of fellow students. Participating in student organizations will help you make new friends who will support you and offer guidance.


The First Year Experience is another great opportunity offered to first year students. The course helps students build skills that will help them excel in the rest of their college courses, increasing their chances of graduating within four years. 


Graduating from college in four years is hard but with the right resources, you can. The University of South Alabama has many more resources available on campus to help you reach your academic goals. Be sure to take advantage of them!



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