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Things Students in ATL Look for in an Out-of-State College

College is an exciting time for students to grow and experience life away from home. Even though there are several good schools in the Atlanta area, if you’re looking for a change of scenery, you may want to consider colleges that are a short drive from the Atlanta area.

When you’re looking for colleges outside of the Atlanta area, what should you take into consideration?

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Program Choices

Degree programs are a major factor in choosing colleges, so why limit yourself to those at your nearby schools? Programs such as International Studies, Museum Studies, and Aerospace Engineering are incredibly specific to certain universities, including the University of South Alabama. It’s essential to find a school that offers programs that align with your interests.



Along with program choice, location can be extremely important. If you’re interested in studying marine biology, you’d want to choose a school near the water instead of a landlocked one. Hands-on experience is key to getting the right job out of school, so make sure you can find readily available opportunities in your field.

Also, what do you like to do in your free time? Do you enjoy kayaking or other water sports? Do you want to learn how to skimboard? If so, you may want to consider a school near the water.


Size of School

College size is a big factor for a lot of students. On one hand, bigger schools are likely to offer a wider range of majors, but on the other hand, you might enjoy the more personalized experience that you would receive at a small or medium-sized school.

Smaller universities offer a lower professor to student ratio, which is essential to fostering relationships with faculty (and could mean the difference between getting a glowing recommendation that lands you an ideal internship or job).



Although it may seem scary at first, going to college out of state can be a life-changing choice for the better. From program choice to smaller class sizes, out of state universities can offer opportunities to students in the Atlanta area that larger in-state schools cannot.


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