Peer to Peer Tutoring: Where to Go When You're Stuck

Colleges want students to succeed. Sure, it may seem like your chemistry professor has it out for you when he assigns 15 equations to balance in an hour, but believe it or not, professors want students to do well in their classes. That’s why universities provide resources to help students when they need it.

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What is peer-to-peer tutoring? On the University of South Alabama’s campus, it’s called Jag Success. Students, known as JagPALs, coach students in courses that can be difficult for first-year students. English Composition, Chemistry and College Algebra are some of the most commonly tutored courses. Peer-to-peer tutoring is one of the most valuable resources for college students: read on find out why!

It’s free: Ok, so it’s not actually free, but the cost is already built into your tuition. You’ve already paid for it, so why not use it?

It’s low-pressure: You’re being tutored by fellow students, in a friendly and familiar environment.

It’s flexible: Help is available in various locations and at different times (even on weekends!). Tutors hold study sessions, mini-lessons, and one-on-one appointments throughout the week.

It works: Studies show students who use peer-to-peer tutoring perform better in courses than those who struggle and stay silent.

College can be a major adjustment, and if some courses don’t come as easily as others, Jag Success has your back. And think about it this way: if we were all great at the same things, the world would be a boring place!

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