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Six Cool Study Spots on Campus

College students spend a great deal of time studying. In fact, a good rule of thumb is for every credit hour you take, you should spend an hour out of class on the material. If you’re enrolled in between 12-15 credit hours, that’s 720 minutes of your time (at minimum) a week you should devote to reviewing and applying the material you learned in class. All that time spent studying requires some sweet study spots, which South has all over campus.


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Bike Desks at the Marx Library

Exercise and knowledge are always a good combination. The Marx Library, the main library in the center of USA’s campus, has installed bike desks-- encouraging students to break a sweat while cracking the books. If you’re a kinesthetic (aka hands-on) learner, moving your body while studying can actually help your brain retain the information.

Study Rooms in the Marx Library

Got a group of classmates preparing for that midterm? Rent out a study room in the upstairs floors of the Marx Library for a private and quiet place for you to review material. The rooms are equipped with whiteboards for you to use, as well. If you’d rather study closer to home, many of our residence halls have common areas for students to use.

Starbucks in the Lobby of the Marx Library

Coffee makes every study session better. The downstairs lobby of Marx Library houses our very own Starbucks, offering various coffee drinks to keep you caffeinated and sandwiches, pastries and paninis to keep you energized.

Student Center

The Student Center houses a lot of really awesome student-centered programs like Jaguar Productions, our student-run media channel. There are lots of tables and comfy chairs, if you like to study in a busier, more vibrant place.

Allied Health

When the first mornings of cool, crisp fall weather arrive, you can find the Allied Health students taking their Einstein’s coffee and bagels (there’s one in the first floor of the building) outside on their patio. In the warmer months, umbrellas provide needed shade from the hot Alabama sun. If it gets too chilly or too warm on the patio, nursing students have their own lounge inside.

Take it Outside

USA’s campus is known for its beauty; we have many open, green areas that are perfect for quiet study when the need strikes. In between Meisler Hall and the Student Center are several umbrella-topped tables, and the entire area is an amphitheater. If you prefer to study while horizontal, you can even hang a hammock between many of our lush trees on campus.


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