Five Things to Do in College to Stand Out in the Job Market

In your college career, it’s never too early to ensure that you stand out against your peers in the job market, after you graduate from USA. Thinking about applying for jobs as an entry-level professional in your field might a little overwhelming, but there are some key moves you can make to make sure you’re in the best position to snag a meaningful job after commencement.


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Study abroad

Students who study abroad master some major skills that employers look for in job seekers: communication (especially foreign language experience), resilience, and adaptability. Moving across the world to take courses in your field demonstrates that you are adventurous, up for a challenge, and willing to take risks to reap rewards.



To set yourself apart from the competition, get some experience in your field before you graduate. This can be in the form of a paid/unpaid internship or co-op. The wonderful thing about these opportunities is that you can usually earn course credit while gaining valuable experience, which is a win-win.


Join a student organization

On campus, we have hundreds of student organizations for you to join, from Student Anthropology Society to the Cricket Club. Our advice is to pick a few: maybe one “hobby” group for fun, and one or more professional groups to network in your field. Can’t find a student organization you want to join? Start a new one yourself!



If you’re a freshman or a sophomore and it’s not yet time for an internship, there’s always job shadowing or volunteer work. Job shadowing is when a professional in your chosen field lets you tag along with them on a typical day. This kind of experience is so important--it gives you an idea of whether or not this field is for you.



Your professors and instructors are your secret weapon when it comes to being poised to enter the job market. Most job vacancies will require recommendations, and they can be dealmakers or dealbreakers. Getting to know your professors, and treating them like the professionals they are, is one of the best things you can do to ready yourself to get that amazing job.


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You may have heard that getting jobs is about “who you know.” It’s also about what you do with the opportunities you have. The world is your oyster! Want to read more about things to do in college that will help your job prospects? Check out “Things That Lead to Job Placement After College.”

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