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4 Things High Schoolers Should Do Before Applying to College

Getting ready to apply to college is an exciting time with lots to do. Taking admissions tests, deciding which colleges to consider and making a list of possible majors are among the many things you’re probably working on. With the long list of to-dos, there are four things that need to be at the top of you list.


Here are the 4 things you should do before applying to college:
  1. Take campus tours.
  2. Establish solid study habits.
  3. Explore career options.
  4. Make a list of important dates.

Campus Tour (Student)

  • Take campus tours. Many students have said that after taking a campus tour, choosing which college to attend was easy. Campus tours are the BEST way for to decide where to go to college. Schedule a campus tour at each school you are seriously considering. You’ll be able to talk to students, learn more about your specific academic interests, and explore campus. You’ll truly get a feel for whether or not the college you’re visiting is right for you. Campus tours make your decision about which college to attend much easier.
  • Establish solid study habits. No matter how well you prepare, college is a big change. Good study habits set you up for academic success. With good study habits already in place, that’s one less thing to worry about during the transition. Bonus: you may even boost your current GPA.
  • Explore career options. Having a general idea of what career you’d like to pursue after graduation will help guide your college decision process. It will determine what your major should be and which college offers the best preparation.
  • Make a list of important dates. All colleges have deadlines for the various parts of their application process. Start your application process by listing important dates for any college that’s on your list.

Don’t let the college application process overwhelm you. Going in with a plan with make your life much easier and the decision a breeze!

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