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Questions Parents Should Ask About College

Sending a child off to college is a major moment in a parent’s life. Parents are often conflicted; on one hand, they’re proud of what their child has achieved. On the other hand, parents do what they do best: worry. This list of questions parents should ask about college provides parents with the things to ask university personnel to gain the information they’ll need to help their child navigate college selection (and maybe help parents worry a little less).

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What do you do to help students explore possible majors?

Many students are undecided (or exploratory) when they arrive, and that’s okay. Parents might find it informative to know how colleges help students with the major decision.

How can I best prepare my child for the transition to college?

From making sure students have a computer and a printer to setting clear expectations, parents can help give students a leg up even before they officially leave for college.

How is advising done? 

An academic advisor is the students’ point person for most academic matters, including the all-important course selection and registration. Parents will want to know how students are advised and whether or not a student’s advisor changes throughout their time in college.

What kinds of support do freshmen get from the institution?

No one wants to think about their child struggling academically, but university academics often require a significant transition from high school. From tutoring to counseling, it’s important for students and parents to know where students can turn to if they need assistance.

How safe is the campus?

Crime rates and campus security are things that parents will want to know, as well as if the campus is well-lit at night and the presence of emergency services.

A campus tour is a perfect setting to find out the answers to these questions parents should ask about college.


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